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Reduce salon products wastage

How you currently manage your inventory might be one reason your business is not where you want it to be. Booking In Time helps you to keep your inventory more organized and remove any uncertainty you may have when it comes to your inventory management. This is an important aspect to focus on so that you can reduce the cost of holding inventory, know the exact figures and value of your existing stock and pre-order anything before you run out of it.

The inventory management feature of our software will help your salon/business to meet the demand for retail products or products used for services. Improve your business cash flow, increase your profits, reduce your order stock, and eliminate guesswork for ordering to save your time!

Create categories and add details for every item in the inventory such as its manufacturer/brand name, vendor, product group, product name, size, volume, color code, retail & sale prices, stock in hand, used stock count, outlet where it is stocked, etc.

Like food items and make-up; products you keep in your inventory also have an expiry date. The average shelf life of hair color products is 1-2 years after being opened, and 3 years if unopened. You definitely do not want to be using old or near to expiry products on your clients.

Loss or wastage of inventory, or shrinkage, is also a loss of profit to your salon. This can include expired products, damaged products, and wastage. When inventory is not moving off of your shelf it is not an opportunity for potential sales, it is a loss of income. It also indicates your service rate has dropped, and that will serve as a switch to think about marketing again.

One of the most common issues that hair and beauty salon owners face is wastage of products like hair dyes, where working staff accidently unseals another color tube without checking if there is one that is already open. Using our software Booking In Time, once you scan a product for in-house use, the system will notify you if there is an existing open product, so that you get a chance to reduce its wastage. Used products will also be recorded into expense. You can tally how much product is being used against the number of services through invoices to warrant less product wastage.

The inventory management feature will help you see how much of your inventory has been used, and how much is still sitting on your shelf, and what it is costing you. You can also track how much of any item is being used at each branch of your business, so that you are aware what creates more sales and profit at different locations.

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